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Learn to Save and Invest

As you Save and Invest with PesaPlan.

About PesaPlan

PesaPlan is a FREE personal finance management platform by the Regal Africa Group built to help you create ​wealth through saving and investing. Once you join you are added to a community that encourages each ​other to keep going while learning together.

Why PesaPlan

Because your money changes in 3 steps

Number one #1 1


Financial Literacy is the No​.1 step to making more mone​y. When you know how mon​ey works you can keep i​t, manage it and multiply it​.

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Knowledge is only useful if ​you apply it. Now that you ​know better, do better by ​opening saving and investing ​accounts.

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You are 95% more likley to ​succeed at achieving a goal if ​you join a group where you ​encourage each other stick ​to the goal.

Learn with PesaPlan

The learning site provides direct, easy ​to understand information about:

Why you need to save and invest,

How to save and invest,

Where to save and invest; what ​financial tools are available in the ​market and how to choose which one ​works for you

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Save with PesaPlan

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Save KES 500 a week for 52 ​we​eks

Choose between ​one of the two

52 week savings ​challenges we ​have and sign up ​using the links ​provided

Save KES 1,000 a week for 52 ​weeks

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Would’ve started saving ​money in kindergarten if I ​knew life was gon be like this

PesaPlan Youth

Don’t wait any longer

Get in the game early in 3 easy steps!

Learn about saving; visit our learning site

Start saving easily; sign up for a money market fund ​account

Keep saving; join the community of savers holding ​each other accountable and cheering each other on


Determined to see your finances get ​better?

Make saving a part of your nature by saving ​KES 1000 a week for 52 weeks.

Learn from the professionals about growing ​and investing your money

With the knowledge gained over 52 weeks ​graduate to PesaPlan Investor

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Create Wealth


Putting your money to ​work 24 hrs a day

Invest in assets that ​give you passive ​income and increase in ​value. Check out the ​projections below.

PesaPlan Investor Projections

Our licensed and regulated partners

Resource Centre

A 2.5 hour online training of the ​all the steps you need to take ​when planning your Pesa

Keep journaling, keep your memory sharp

A personal finance journal with ​templates and instructions about ​how to plan your Pesa

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Get the full package; ​masterclass, journal & weekly ​finance lessons for a year

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